Supply of industrial roof and wall power fan ventilators, centrifugal blowers and axial fans and OEM pressure blowers. Sales of replacement fan bower wheels, blades and impellers, as well as axial propeller type power roof ventilators and industrial roof exhaust fan blowers.


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Ventilating Fan Company has been in business since 1995 providing the industry with the highest quality solutions in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Our core team has been with us for many years and we pride ourselves on providing a great place to work which allows us to attract and retain extremely hard working and knowledgeable staff to service our clients. We have extensive engineering experience within our team.

Our sales and engineering staff are experienced professionals who are continually available to our customers to provide extensive support and services while always providing information of the highest accuracy. Our 20 years of experience in the industry allows us to provide our customers with a unique service that they won’t find anywhere else. We pride ourselves in our honest, straightforward approach to doing business and value integrity and long-term customer relationships above all else. We’re here to make sure our customers are happy and our engineers are here to make sure that our customers are getting the exact specifications that they require.

Our primary goal is to be the number one supplier of a full range of high quality and dependable air handling equipment and products to the industrial and process markets. One of our main focuses is to make the entire process of doing business with us as easy as possible and provide our customers with a complete one-stop solution for all their air handling needs. We provide a value-added service to our customers, providing them with the best possible support and service that a supplier can provide in the form of availability, quick responses and accurate information.

Ventilating Fan Company is a high-end supplier of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, providing an immediate cost-effective solution for our customers. There are many low cost solutions around, but what we aim to provide is a professional high quality service that makes sure our customers are completely catered for in every respect. We will continue to expand into our market with the integrity and reputation that our customers have come to associate with our company.





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Sales of industrial fans & blowers, high pressure blowers, centrifugal fans, axial ventilators, roow and wall exhaust and supply fans, material handling blowers & radial fans, scroll cage fan ventilators, high temperature fans and blowers, New York Blower, Twin City Fan / Aerovent, Chicago Blower fans, Peerless Fans, Dayton Ventilators, Sheldons fans & blowers, Canarm Leader ventilators, IAP fans, Industrial Air.

Canada Blower Co. implements high pressure blowers in applications for a broad array of industries. High pressure blowers are utilized for functions such as:

Canada Blower Ltd. is a designer and supplier of the following ventilation and air moving systems:
- Replacement air moving installations;
- Fume extraction and fume collection equipment;
- Fan / blower repair and balancing;
- Industrial ventilation exhaust and air make-up systems;
- Blow-off and industrial air-knife / air cannon insallations;
- Mobile air circulators, mancoolers and dust collectors.
- air / gas transfer systems;
- pneumatic conveyors;
- dust collectors;
- scrubbers;
- air knives / pressure blowers;
- custom air curtains.

We do custom design / installation of:
- fume extraction and fume collection equipment;
- blow-off & industrial air-knife / air cannon systems;
- dust collectors;
- gas scrubbers;
- air / gas transfer systems;
- custom air curtains.